Marco Brugmans

A little story about me

My passion for photography began around 2009. It started as an interesting hobby, but soon it became clear it was much more than just that, it became an obsession that I wanted to take to the next level an turn it into a dream for the future. In order to have a good technical background, I registered at the “Fotovakschool” in Venlo, a renowned private school for photography, where I learned all the skills of the craft. Since then, my enthusiasm and expertise has only grown, with private assignments for wedding photography, advertising and product photography. Presently, I work professionally in the world of Photography and Desktop Publishing. But the excitement of stepping outside of this comfort zone, and take beautiful pictures on stunning locations with interesting people, takes me back to my first love of photography as a hobby without any restrictions. If you would like to share my enthusiasm during a photoshoot of your choice, feel free to send me a message or make an appointment.

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